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Low-lying coral islands as long as a piece of string basking in the Indian Ocean, this tropical paradise is dotted with seriously-divine resorts.

"Tiny teardrop islands like nowhere else on earth. Sapphire seas under clear blue skies. Exploring the crystal-clear lagoons and making footprints in their powder-white sands. Heavenly!"

Few places are more worthy of the clichés attached to them than the Maldives, and most of them involve the words ‘paradise’, ‘luxury’ and ‘pampering’. The go-to place for honeymooners and divers alike, these pinch-yourself-perfect geographical wonders are in fact the relics of prehistoric volcanoes.

What we’re left with are staggeringly-beautiful and unspoilt islands that offer the closest thing to heaven on earth if your idea of paradise is the bluest of skies, the clearest of oceans, the whitest of sands and the most luxurious of luxury accommodation. Most importantly, the Maldives epitomise top-end travel. Memories really are made of these beautiful islands.

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