Like many world regions, coastal erosion and marine degradation have become a growing issue in the bay next to the hotel.

Climate change, overfishing, anchors damaging reefs, changing water temperatures that bleach corals and the increased frequency and ferocity of storms are just a few reasons why – but in this particular case, the bay has lost sand mass, making the incline from the high water mark to the sea steeper. So now the resort is investing millions of dollars in a beach regeneration and marine conservation project, designed by expert coastal engineers from the UK, to tackle these issues and restore the beach and marine environment. But that’s not the only eco-project underway at Sandy Lane in addition to their day-to-day environmental initiatives. On top of keeping the grounds beautiful, fairways lush and greens immaculate, its Golf, Turf and Landscape division has been busy planting various tropical fruit trees... and keeping honey bees

With bee populations crucial for plant pollination and crop production in steady decline across the world, Sandy Lane decided to play its part...

They enlisted the help of its Assistant Golf Course Superintendent Colin Holligan – who just happens to be a trained, certified bee-keeper, too. Using locally sourced materials, Colin has constructed four bee boxes to date, all of which are actively housing bees from around the Sandy Lane property. 

The bees also need plenty of food sources and the team has taken great care to incorporate many bee-friendly plants, including native vines, shrubs, hedges and trees, into the landscaping around the golf courses. 

So the next time you’re tucking into a delicious Sandy Lane breakfast, remember – that organic honey on the table could well be Sandy Lane’s own!

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