From the jungles of Cambodia to the original super-spas of Thailand, via China’s thrilling cities and Vietnam’s haunting beauty, Asia offers, quite literally, something for everyone.

"Asia’s ancient religions and enchanting histories brilliantly collide with its go-ahead cites, jungle-clad lands, idyllic beaches and ultra-pampering ways."

It may be known for its superlative service and spectacular resorts, but with some of the globe's most mouthwatering dishes, fabulous beaches, elaborate temples and pristine island hideaways also on offer, there's a whole lot more to Asia. So what's not to love?


Exotic beaches; lush jungles; wilderness retreats; idyllic spas; luxury playgrounds and mystical lands…

  • Thailand
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    It started in the 60s and 70s when free-natured Westerners discovered Thailand's beauty in their search for ‘enlightenment’. And our love affair with this mysterious, enchanting, enticing ‘golden land’ continues, albeit on a more luxurious scale.

  • Malaysia
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    Tropical island resorts offer a taste of Malaysian paradise, while beneath warm coral seas, world-class dive sites await exploration. Charming orangutans, the world's oldest rainforest and majestic mosques and temples will tempt even the most jaded.

  • Vietnam
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    Prepare your senses for an onslaught of unimaginable beauty, of complex social history and culture, and of life in the fast... and very slow lane.

  • Cambodia
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    Mystery still shrouds this Far Eastern jewel, where exoticism and history collide with enticing results. Discover a land of beauty, culture and imperial history.

  • Indonesia
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    Undeniably, Bali is Indonesia’s frontman; heady, crazy, wonderful and, aesthetically, a winner. But Indonesia is so much more – a place where you’ll find throbbing hedonism with like-minded travellers; or utter desolation, with nature your only companion.

  • Laos
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    Laos is a great introduction to old South-East Asia: its history spans over 10,000 years, Buddhism permeates every corner of life and the pace of life is as slow as it has been for centuries.

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