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Vast in scale and endlessly diverse, the awe-inspiring US of A encompasses everything from sun-baked deserts and pristine wide open spaces to sun-kissed beaches and neon-lit cities.

"Three thousand miles coast-to-coast of wonders – natural and man-made – all served up with the warm hug of American hospitality everywhere you go."

First stop for all confirmed urbanites has to be New York, one of the planet’s glossiest, most exhilarating metropolises. Here, in the city that never sleeps, you’ll fill days and nights goggling over iconic sights and museums, exploring sensational stores, and guzzling cocktails to an amazing skyscraper backdrop.

LA holds similarly-glamorous charms, but with a helping of Hollywood razzmatazz and a laid-back vibe that’s all its own, while Florida is home to the stunning Everglades with its resident crocs, gators and manatees – an amazing natural contrast to Orlando’s theme parks.

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